Have you ever…

Have you ever sat alone at night and longed for one person – just one person to understand you? Have you ever wanted someone to greet you at the door when you arrive home as enthusiastically as your dog does every time? Do you long for a time when there are no more wars or diseases and hope that an influential leader can make this happen? Have you ever needed a friend to embrace you long enough that all your grieving tears are spent? Do you dream of a place where beauty is the key standard of the culture? Have you ever met anyone with such kindness in their eyes that you had to look away? Then they lifted your head and said, “No worries, I love you.” Have you ever been so scared to take a step that you became paralyzed and could not move? You wished that someone was there to hold you while you attempted just one little step. Have you ever been so proud of what you accomplished and hoped that someone would say to you, “Great job!” ? Have you ever awakened one day and looked out the window and all the colors were more brilliant than you had ever seen? The whole world was sparkling. Have you ever seen the qualities in a person of immense power mixed with humility and compassion? Have you ever known a person who would give up everything to spend time with you because you were so special to them? I have. Knowing him has made all of the difference.


Merry Christmas!