The Lament of A Closet Perfectionist

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” Salvador Dali

We all know that this is a crazy, busy time of the year. May this post bring a little levity to your day. Happy Holidays!🎄

Lament of a Closet Perfectionist

I haven’t written for quite a while.

Can’t seem to find the time.

Chasing after the daily chores.

No need for the sublime.

Acting as if I’ll live forever.

Pushing essentials aside.

Staying glued to the infamous list.

My right brain may not survive.

The militant left is calling the shots.

Blaring it’s bossy voice.

“All of it must get done before you go.

There is no other choice!”

So when I am called to leave this earth

ALL will be completed.

The house will be neat. All bills will be paid.

Even some cash will be stashed away.

The car will be cleaned and finely tuned.

Fresh oil to keep it running.

Gardens won’t spare a weed to pull.

The place will be simply stunning!

Sentimental artifacts will be neatly tagged.

All photos chronologically ordered.

Every piece of laundry starched and ironed.

All food tucked away in the cupboards.

The shots for the dogs will be up-to-date.

No worries about rabies.

The bedsheets will be fresh and clean.

No second thought of scabies.

On the mantle, a letter to loved ones

With no grammatical errors

And of course, none of those corny puns.

As you can see, I have much to do!

I must be on my way.

I know, I know I can get it all done

If I’m just given one more day!

Merry Christmas! Be kind- especially to yourself!

Carol ❤️

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