The Burgundly Coat

How secure would you feel in a country at war experiencing incomprehensible violence, loss, and heartbreak?

Has anyone watched the interview of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky by David Letterman on his show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction? The show was taped in Kyiv, Ukraine on a subway train platform 300 feet below the street. It was the most secure place in which the interview could be taped. Sirens would periodically be screaming above for citizens to take cover yet Zelensky seemed unperturbed and confident. He was amazing! I hope that you watch it. It was a wake-up call for me. Here is the link.

On what or whom is your security based? Is it a financial nest egg for the future? Is it having your entire day planned? Is it your faith? Is it sitting in silence? Is it being in a relationship with a particular person? Is it when the cupboard is full? Everyone is different and consequently, our perspectives vary greatly.

Here’s what initially brought this topic to mind for me.

I had just finished soaking in the tub. I peered over the edge and noticed my shih-poo, Lulu, snoring contentedly in the tumbled mound of clothes on the bathroom floor. She seemed completely secure.

Memories of childhood flooded into my mind. (Circa 1955). I was nestled on the sofa under my Mom’s burgundy winter coat. This was no ordinary coat! You have to remember that World War II had just ended 10 years prior. Post-war optimism reigned. Pride in one’s workmanship was a given. Planned obsolescence was unheard of. This coat was built like a tank! It was silk- lined, burgundy wool, woven so tightly that when thrown over any escapee could instantly incapacitate them. Much safer than tasers. It’s crowning glory was a soft, gray, curly Persian lamb’s wool collar.

Imagine this collar (gray)
On this coat.

**First photo- Etsy, HelensVintageFinds and the Second Photo is from Crush Vintage

With herculean effort, I would drag the coat over to the sofa, while the black and white RCA television hummed in the background. I would hunker down and completely cover myself, resting in the thermal certitude of the coat. Ah, the shield of this coat was my sanctuary. It smelled like my mom, a combination of stale cigarette smoke, and the residual essence of Avon’s perfumed liquid deodorant.

I don’t think that I’ve ever felt more secure in all of my life. How about you?

Friends, may we greet each new day with confidence, courage, and compassion. ❤️Carol


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for The Soul

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine. Contact, George and Julia Avetisyan #0877227

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