Don’t EVER wait to tell someone that you love them.

Yesterday was my birthday. Seventy-one years young! Here are some of the lessons, thus far, from my days spent on planet Earth.

I have learned that kindness invites someone into a conversation much more easily then contempt. I also have experienced that the joy of the Lord gives me strength. The Holy Spirit courses through the earth searching for hearts to turn to Him to be restored. Happiness is the best facelift. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Solitude can be the most miraculous teacher. Play is important for my sanity. Family is to be cherished, but not necessarily connected through genetic ties. Don’t EVER wait to tell someone you love them. Leaving two spaces between sentences when typing is an indication that you are over 50 years old. Traveling opens up the mind and the heart. We all smile in the same language. Many more good people are living on this earth than bad. Drinking plenty of water is the remedy for all ailments.( according to my mother). My (and your) true vocation is maintaining a deep, loving interior connection with God. There is a 500 billion billion chance of another you or me to ever be found on this earth. Appreciate yourself today!. You are one of a kind. Truly! In conclusion, I’d like to repeat the one and only lyrics to a song written by one of my sons when he was very, very young. He would walk around the house singing this… ” Oh life. Oh life. Oh life is a wonderful thing!”❤️

**This post was inspired by my cousin, Lou Schatt, who was not told enough by me that I loved him. I was terribly busy with the urgency of the daily grind and did not find the time to make him the promised farina dumpling chicken soup (our Hungarian grandmother’s recipe). Forgive me. 🥲 Rest in peace, cuz.

Me, Lou, Henny

6 thoughts on “Don’t EVER wait to tell someone that you love them.

  1. You have touched my heart! These are inspirational words-much like an adorned sermon. I love everything you wrote and thanks for noting our double spaces between sentences. My thumbs can’t help themselves. You are a beautiful person, Carol. Happy Birthday and everyday. Love you…


  2. Happy 71’st Birthday Carol!!! Thank you for the wonderful list of Carol’s Proverbs you shared in this! love the one on happiness and smiles. Blessing your new year of life with more smiles, songs, and little birds.


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