Puppy Love


“ A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

Josh Billings

I bought a puppy. A soft, wiggly, ebullient creature that is oblivious to anything outside of her line of sight. She is a blur of black and white, as if someone painted a huge dot of black on each side of her rounded body. Then they lowered her and dipped her head and part of her tail also in black paint to complement the dots. If that wasn’t hysterical enough, they gave her a white mohawk down the center of her black head. I’ve thoroughly studied her face as she quizzically studies mine. My son teases me about her wonky eye but once you fall in love, the imperfections drift away.

Why do we find puppies/dogs so adorable? I’ve often wondered about it myself. I’ve asked some people to send me a photo and description of why they find their dog so lovable. Read on…


Jeter loved me and told me everyday! Jeter was patient and kind to everyone, in order to befriend them. He never angered, he protected me and trusted me! Jeter was a gift from heaven and he left an indelible impression on everyone he met. I loved him dearly!!!


I will never forget the first night with my new puppy, Jasiri. I’d driven six hours to pick her up, but though I was getting a new dog, I was still grieving another that had been hit by a car some months before. In a very real way, my heart was not open. I remember falling asleep, the new puppy beside me. But most, I remember waking up, middle of the night to her staring at me, wide soft eyes, without a blink. “You’ve taken me from my home,” she seemed to say, “and I am here now. I can’t take another puppy’s place, but please love me.” I scooped her close, tears falling. She’s pretty much been in my arms ever since.


At Christmas time we were in search of a puppy. We researched and went to a nearby breeder. We saw this little brown mixture of coffee. We just fell in love. Then named her Mocha Latte. Who doesn’t like to wake up to a nice, warm Mocha? Mocha is so loyal, calm, a sweet thing going on 15. She’s momma’s girl! Love this couch potato.


Casey, a Soft Coates Weston Terrier, who learned at 6 months old how to wear sun glasses, has become the hit of our town. She has been photographed at least 7000 times and has her own fan club. All I know is that if there was a way to get people to smile, giggle, or make the statement, “Look at that dog wearing sunglasses” , Casey can do it. Best of all, they ask the silly question, “Does she need them?” This dog creates JOY!


Mickey is my companion, my little buddy. He provides joy, laughter, and peace. Mickey loves to do dog puzzles. He is such a fanatic with them. Mickey fills my soul with so much love.


My Graci was a cuddler and a snuggler who loved being under the covers! She would a put her nose to the ground and go exploring. She was love and loyalty.❤️



Tucker brought us so much joy that we decided to share his loving, sensitive nature with others. Tucker became a pet therapy dog for children and for adults living in nursing homes. He knows how to bring a smile to your face or to laugh out loud with his antics. Although when you feel blue or sick, he willingly gives you sweet cuddles. Everyone should have a Tucker in their lives.

Cooper is an 8 month old puppy that loves his family dearly. When you open the door, he’s there. He can’t wait for you to sit so he can jump in your lap or he’s tugging his blanket across the room to lay at your feet. Cooper does not belong to us, we belong him.

And finally these astute observations from Peg who owns Gracin.


Five things I have learned from my dear pup:

1)Joy is meant to be shared. A dog reminds us that happiness is about disposition, not circumstance.She celebrates what is right and good with the world- overlooking any imperfections. She embraces the moment assuming that something wonderful is JUST about to happen. 2)Greet loved ones with enthusiasm whether they have been gone 10 min. or 10 months. Love is an action word.
3) A well spent day brings happy sleep.
4)Even the smallest act of kindness matters.
5)It’s about the legs you DO have. Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are.
I love my pup for giving me her all when at times I can only give her the time,space, or attention what I have to spare.

Thanks, Peg.


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