Laughter Just May Be The Best Medicine

Far Side – Gary Larson

“Roses are red. Skies are gray. I’m ready to see COVID-19 go away.”


Have you ever had someone make you laugh so hard that if you’re drinking something, it unexpectedly ejects through your nose? I have experienced this as well as been the perpetrator of this.(Sorry Lyn!)

One day in the 90’s, a dear friend and I went to a local auction. We didn’t have anything to do on a Friday night and decided that it would be fun. We were in a light, giddy mood. We arrived at the place and entered an overly crowded, smoke-filled room. These people looked serious. The only seats left were in the middle of a long row. We inched our way through the crowd and sat down. Let the auction begin! The first few items were of the retro wall decorative type, mainly various assortments of sconces and landscape pictures in plastic frames. Pillows were up next and offered to match the standard retro-orange or avocado green motif. Then the selections started evolving towards the semi-bizarre, causing us to begin to snicker. I had the feeling that my friend and I needed to take this whole experience a little more seriously. We tried to control ourselves but you know what that is like when you get the giggles. Once the white lamp with the swinging furry pom-poms was earnestly sold, we were out of control. My friend, who is more experienced in the art of restraint, was hunched over quietly gaffawing with the only evidence of potential hysteria found in her rapidly heaving shoulders. I looked up and saw a mammoth black velvet painting of Elvis headed for the auctioneer stand. OMG! I whispered out of the side of my mouth “Don’t look up! Don’t …look… up!” Of course, she looked up and loudly squealed, a sound somewhere between the yelp of a puppy getting reprimanded by its mother and the piercing shred of sound coming from squeaky brakes. It was an odd, high- pitched, thin but loud sound causing everyone around to stare at us. We were totally out of control. Hysteria and uncontrollable laughter was ready for take-off. Big problem. We had to get out of the place by exiting out of the row in close proximity to those aggravated, glaring eyes. We did it with the last sliver of restraint. Quietly, apologetically, and very quickly. We burst out into the night, laughing all the way home. We remember that experience to this day.

Laughter is good. It can improve your health in many astonishing ways.

  • It reduces anxiety but releasing the feel-good neurotransmitter, endorphin, in the brain.
  • It burns calories! Yeah!
  • It lowers your stress level and inflammation response.
  • It increases your good cholesterol.
  • It improves your immunity by producing more of the “fighters”, the T cells, into your bloodstream.

So go ahead. Have a good laugh. Below are some great videos to strengthen your immunity. Stay well❤️


For You

TAXI – What does a yellow light mean?

MASH and the Coronavirus

The Carol Burnett Show – The Dentist

Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for your Weekend

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