Preparing for The New Normal

“A person’s true strength will be known in his revival, not in his survival.”

Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“Life is difficult.” Scott Peck introduced his internationally renowned book, The Road Less Traveled, with this iconic sentence in the late seventies. Now in the next millennium, we are faced with more complicated struggles. It has been a sobering week. The COVID-19 mortality rates continue to rise in many countries. Tens of thousands have lost their loved ones. The whole world is weeping.

We are weeping with them as the news portrays the plight of those suffering around the world. We have become more aware of the welfare of others. Someone said to me that they were feeling different vibes from their community. Good vibes. Here in the burbs, people are walking more and saying hello more quickly to those that they don’t know. Neighbors are calling and asking if I need anything. People are pitching in to help others by providing meals for the vulnerable and sick. I had a dear birder friend deliver birdseed to my door as a gift after I had casually mentioned that I had none left. A newscaster ends his show with “Be sure to say hello to your neighbor when you go for a walk'”. It’s as if we’ve woken up!

Technology is being used as the forum for staying connected. Every night my relative uses ZOOM to read bedtime stories to her grandchildren. Churches have gone completely online providing instruction and services. I heard that someone was gone to host a cyber dance party! Count me in!! Tina Fey was talking about her family and other people’s families having an online talent show for the grandparents. Netflix has a feature called Netflix Party where you can watch a movie online with a friend at the same time.

Entrepreneur and acclaimed podcast host, Dan Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love, had a most interesting podcast this week called If You Can Win The Morning You Can Win The Day. He coined the phrase “Preparing for the New Normal”. He had some insightful tips for a morning routine that helps him to be peaceful and productive. Three components of the routine are meditation, movement, and mastery. I hope that you listen to the podcast. His positive outlook on life has been an inspiration to me. He addresses a crisis with this statement. “Transformation and growth occur when you come out with something better, not just reestablishing the old normal.”

Finally, here are some challenges in visualizing A New Normal from Carol Vioforla…

“What if people tend to reject the growth economy and move to a sustainable model? What if it makes us place more value on relationship and community? What if it makes us realize we need to protect the environment so that there are green spaces widely available? What if we funnel money and energy into science, medicine, and education so that we can all live healthier, richer lives? What if we reassessed our values and stopped placing such a premium on an artificial ideal beauty and realized our own hair and skin is already OK? What if we all started valuing time in nature and with friends and family over acquiring more stuff? What if we all stopped thinking we need bigger houses,newer cars, and flashier toys? What if this makes us all realize that there is such a thing as “enough” and that it’s not right to claim a disproportionate share of the earth’s resources for ourselves? What if we actually start thinking of each other as family and prioritize the good of all of us over the good of the individual? “

Friends, take care of yourself and others.


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