Wake Up!

Wake Up!

A Community of Wisdom Seekers


“We are all sentries at our sacred, humble posts.” Hafiz

I have always been a contemplative. (Now don’t get turned off by that word!) I didn’t know that there was a word to describe it until later in my life. I enjoy solitude. I like to stop and listen to the sounds of nature around me. I’ve always loved beautiful light. Even as a child, it would stop me in my tracks. I’m more of a be-er than a do-er. (Although the grind of my daily schedule would contradict that). Being in the present moment, realizing that God is all around, and believing that God is good has given me a quiet confidence that all is well.

I believe that everyone can avail themselves to this reality. It takes time. It’s not based on productivity or merit. It’s based on process and willingness. It is good (even essential) for the soul. It is a breath of fresh air in this polarized world. It is calling you to be a part of this blog community. New entries will be posted every Monday. Take a few minutes out of your day and join us. Your input is important. Get in touch with who you were meant to be – a truer you. There is great joy in that!

Wake up to a quiet confidence that you are being cared for, that you can have a peace that rises above this harried world, that there is a promising future and hope ahead of you. That’s why I have begun this blog – to encourage you. Having a richer life (on the inside) will definitely effect your life (on the outside). Please subscribe and participate!!